Circular 2017.3

 Circular 2017.3                                              1st Quarter Exam                                              August 9, 2017


  • No Bags on Exam Days   There is no need for your child to bring his/her school bag on exam days. Just let him/her carry a small bag for the things that he/she needs for the exam.
  • Suspension of Classes   In case classes on an exam day are suspended, the schedule will be moved by one day. For example, if classes are suspended on the first day, the exams on that day will be moved to the second day, and those on the second day will be moved to the third day.
  • School Breaks, Holidays, and Other Dates to Remember   There will be no classes on Aug. 18, the day after the exams, to give the students a break. Classes will resume on Aug. 22, Tuesday. Furthermore, the exams for the Second Quarter will be on Oct. 25 to 27. Semester break is from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, and Christmas break is from Dec. 18 to Jan. 2.