“We believe that God blessed us so much for us to be blessings to others. We are just a channel of benefits to our students so that they can grow in Christian character and academic excellence. ” -Dr. Eddie Lao, Ph.D. (Cand.)


In 1998, amidst the ashes of a devastating fire that consumed their business, a spark of divine inspiration ignited in the hearts of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lao. Believing that God’s hand was guiding them, they made a courageous decision: to transform adversity into opportunity. With unwavering faith, they closed the chapter of their former venture and penned a new story – the birth of a Christian school.

Gathering the strength drawn from prayer and meditation, they, along with the support of dedicated relatives and friends, planted the seeds of education in their own home. What started as a small nursery soon blossomed into a haven of learning and love, where the foundation of PACE ACADEMY was laid.

Their journey didn’t stop there. Fueled by a passion for education, Mr. Lao returned to the hallowed halls of Alliance Biblical Seminary, earning his M.A. in Christian Education in 2001. His hunger for knowledge led him to pursue a Ph.D. in Reading Education at U.P., a testament to his dedication to shaping young minds. Alongside him, Mrs. Lao, equipped with a B.S. E. Ed. Degree from U.S.T., furthered her expertise, delving into M.A. units in Educational Administration and Counseling at esteemed institutions like Ateneo de Manila University and Trinity University.

In 2002, PACE ACADEMY found a new home, a place where dreams took flight and aspirations reached new heights. The school’s growth was undeniable. From those humble beginnings, they expanded their offerings, embracing the challenge of elementary education in 2004 and scaling up to the prestigious realm of high school.

This is more than a story of resilience; it’s a testament to unwavering faith, relentless determination, and the transformative power of education. PACE ACADEMY stands tall today, a beacon of hope and knowledge, all thanks to the visionaries, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lao, who turned adversity into the cornerstone of a thriving educational legacy.

Pace Academy’s 20th Anniversary

In January 2022, as the world celebrated the dawn of a new year, Pace Academy, nestled in the heart of the bustling city, quietly marked a significant milestone – its 20th Anniversary. The very air seemed to hum with the energy of two decades of unwavering dedication and transformative education.