“We believe that God blessed us so much for us to be blessings to others. We are just a channel of benefits to our students so that they can grow in Christian character and academic excellence. ” -Dr. Eddie Lao, Ph.D. (Cand.)


The School Seal comprises the Bible and a Torch in the middle, with Laurel Leaves and a Rope encircling them.
These symbols also represent the School’s mission.


The Rope, which has individual strands intertwined to make it strong, symbolizes how the personalized approach of our school helps each child have a strong foundation, while the Laurel Leaves represent victory through academic excellence.

The Bible in the middle represents the school’ s focus on building our students character by firmly embedding Christian values in them. Likewise, the Torch represents the School’ s mission to provide evangelistic focus to help them be the light that will guide and lead our nation.