MTAP / Math Challenge Program

Welcome to the Mathematics Challenge Program at Pace Academy, where young minds are ignited, problem-solving skills are honed, and a passion for mathematics is nurtured. As an integral part of our Extra-Curricular Activities, the MTAP/Math Challenge Program is designed to encourage students to explore the fascinating world of mathematics beyond the classroom. Rooted in our Filipino-Chinese Christian heritage, this program not only promotes academic excellence but also instills Christian values of perseverance, teamwork, and humility.

A Platform for Mathematical Excellence

Our MTAP/Math Challenge Program serves as a platform for budding mathematicians to showcase their talents. Students are provided with a stimulating environment where they can enhance their mathematical prowess, tackle challenging problems, and develop critical thinking skills. Through various mathematical competitions, our students are prepared to excel in local, regional, and national math contests, bringing pride to our school and community.