At Pace Academy, our Senior High School Curriculum is a seamless fusion of academic excellence, cultural admiration, and Christian values. Rooted in the rich traditions of Filipino and Chinese heritage, our program transcends traditional learning. We interlace the fabric of knowledge, instilling a passion for learning, a profound understanding of cultural roots, and a solid foundation in Christian values. Through a varied curriculum, we empower students to embrace their distinctive identity, nurturing intellectual growth, cultural pride, and a firm moral foundation. At Pace Academy, education is more than the transfer of knowledge; it’s a transformative journey preparing young minds for a purposeful and principled future.

The primary goal of Pace Academy’s Basic Education program is the holistic development of individuals, enabling them to realize their full potential. The program’s essence lies in transforming students into critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and servant leaders, guided by the school’s core values of Fortitude, Excellence, and Uprightness.

Moving to the Junior High School program (Grades 7-10) marks the subsequent phase after completing elementary education. It offers secondary education for students pursuing academic or vocational tracks in senior high school, as well as preparation for those advancing to tertiary education.

The Junior High School program employs a spiral progression approach across content areas while incorporating more specialized content within these areas. Designed to cultivate transformative individuals and positive agents of change in society, the program follows a responsive and relevant curriculum outlined by the Department of Education.

Utilizing pedagogical approaches like constructivism, inquiry-based learning, reflection, collaboration, and integration, the Junior High School program is tailored to be more differentiated and personalized through digital learning tools. Core curriculum areas encompass Integrated Language Arts (English, Filipino), Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry), Social Sciences (Araling Panlipunan, TLE, Values Education), and the Arts (Music, Art, PE).

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Grade 1 – Grade 12 Document Requirements:

– Birth Certificate
– 1 x 1 ID
– Immunization Record
– Medical Certificate (Indicate if the student has any medical condition that we should be aware of. It would also be best if it contains confirmation that the child is fit to attend onsite classes)
– Progressive Report Card
– Certificate of Good Moral Character
– Form 137 (If transferee)