At Pace Academy, our commitment to holistic education extends beyond the classroom through vibrant Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs). Designed to complement our rigorous academic curriculum, ECAs at Pace Academy are an integral part of our students’ development. From cultural performances that celebrate the dynamic fusion of Filipino and Chinese traditions to community service initiatives reflecting our Christian values, our ECAs provide a well-rounded experience. We believe in nurturing not only the minds but also the hearts of our students, empowering them to excel academically, appreciate diverse cultures, and embody the principles of Christian virtue. At Pace Academy, our Extra-Curricular Activities are a testament to our dedication to shaping well-rounded individuals poised for success and compassionate leadership.

Robotics Program

The Robotics Program aims to teach our students about classical mechanics. It includes STEM learning programs that start teaching children fundamental scientific theories and progress to advanced engineering and problem-solving topics as they move through our curricula. By allowing children to immediately apply the theories they learn at the start of our classes by building motorized LEGO® bricks models that demonstrate the theory in action, we ensure that they receive a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand – at the same time as having fun!

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MTAP/Math Challenge Program

Our MTAP/Math Challenge Program serves as a platform for budding mathematicians to showcase their talents. Students are provided with a stimulating environment where they can enhance their mathematical prowess, tackle challenging problems, and develop critical thinking skills. Through various mathematical competitions, our students are prepared to excel in local, regional, and national math contests, bringing pride to our school and community.

Sports Program

Welcome to the heart-pounding excitement and teamwork-driven spirit of the Sports Program at Pace Academy. As an integral part of our Extra-Curricular Activities, our Sports Program is more than just physical activity; it’s a platform where students learn valuable life skills, embrace sportsmanship, and grow as individuals. Rooted in our Filipino-Chinese Christian values, our sports activities promote not only physical well-being but also character development, fostering a sense of camaraderie and fair play.

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Summer Program

Discover an enriching summer experience designed to ignite young minds, nurture creativity, and foster a sense of community. Our Summer Program blends the best of Filipino, Chinese, and Christian values, offering a unique educational adventure for children of all ages.