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Dear parents, please be advised that the PTC will be held on Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 8:00 am to 12:00 nn. Thank you. 


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March 2015
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      12 years ago we started our first Kindergarten 1 class. Now, 12 years after, most of the students then are still with us and they are our first batch of high school graduates. Our 12 years of hard work has paid off. 3 of the 14 students passed the UPCAT, 5 the ACET, and 11 the DLSUCET. The passing rates are 21% for UP, 36% for Ateneo, and 79% for La Salle. We really thank the Lord for His blessings and help for such good results.     LATEST NEW: Passing rate for UST is 100%.

    • Sports Program

      Dr. Lao Challenges Pace Basketball Players Pace Academy has hired a team of trainers to train our players every Friday and Saturday. As players have to train 30 minutes everyday, the gym is open for training after classes from Monday to Thursday. We are setting up a routine for players to make good use of this very limited time. Each player is to do 5 rounds of agility exercises, 8 dribbling drills, 20 shooting attempts, and 10 rounds around the basketball court. To push the players to work harder, Dr. Lao challenges all players to a race on Monday, November 28. “God willing, I will be 60 years old in about 500 days. If you can’t beat a non-athletic old man like me, how can you win games? I challenge you not because I want to win, but because I want you to win. I am happy if I win, but I will be happier if you win. I am proud if I win, but I will be more proud if you win. Beat me, please!”     PACE Sports Program This August, Pace Academy joined the Developmental Boys Basketball Tournament sponsored by the Filipino Chinese Amateur Athletic Federation. It is our first time to join a basketball tournament. In spite of being the youngest and most inexperienced team, we played with a lot of heart. Even though we lost every game, including a heart-breaking loss in the last game, we are extremely proud of our boys. Our plan for the future is to start training hard beginning this November to prepare for the same tournament next year. In 2013, we will also join the tournament for 13 year olds. This will be a rematch with the teams that we met this year, and things will be different if we work hard. Our High 1 and Grade 6 students are very eager to join the tournament for 13 year olds this year. However, we feel that we are not yet ready. We have made a deal with our High 1 and Grade 6 students that if they train faithfully for 2 years, we will join the High School Basketball Tournament in 2013. By then, they will be in High III and High II, and the High II now will be High IV, and they can also join. Therefore, all high school students can join. The only condition is that they must train hard for 2 years. All those who want to make the team have to pledge that they will attend the trainings in school every Friday and Saturday. They must train following an individualized program for 30 minutes a day, at home or in the Gym. We believe if they do this, there will be tremendous improvements in their skills, speed, agility, strength, and endurance; it will also be very helpful for their health and growth.   Aside from promoting basketball, we have also joined an interschool ping pong competition. Many students are training after class, and 8 of them will represent Pace in another competition. For those who are interested in futsal (a kind of soccer), there are also trainings on Saturday afternoons. Pace Academy is building a strong sport program for all students. We will include other sports in the future. Our goal is to encourage each student to go into a sport of his choice for him to enjoy and to excel in. This will be a great help for their health, growth, and self-confidence. Anyone, even though he may not be athletic at first, who works hard and follows our training program has a good chance to make it to the school team. We would like to thank all the parents who supported our basketball team with words or encouragement, cheering during the games, and providing refreshments. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Go (parents of James) and Asian Machine Shop for sponsoring our team uniforms, Mr. and Mrs. Lim (parents of Getson) for providing our players and coaching staff with basketball bags, and Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ong (parents of Dean and Darrel) for donating an official basketball.

    • A Big Win!

      We won! Last year we lost all 9 games that we played in the FCAAF Developmental Cup. But last Saturday, in our first game in the same tournament this year, we beat a team that had beaten us badly last year. 36-18 -- a convincing win! Our hard work pays off and our plan is working.We might not win a championship yet, but we are no longer a team that can be taken lightly.We would like to thank all the parents who supported our sports program with encouraging words, cheering during games, and providing refreshments and equipments. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Go (parents of James) and Asian Machine Shop for sponsoring our eleven & under uniforms, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ong (parents of Dave) for sponsoring our high school team uniform, and Mr. and Mrs. Fortunato Serrano (parents of Marco) for donating 2 ping-pong tables.